As a member of the legendary 2016 Warriors, Draymond Green has often heard about both the good and bad of that team’s run over the last several years. But, according to the star forward, those days could soon be behind him if the Celtics pull off a never-before-seen feat in the Eastern Conference finals.

During the latest episode of his self-titled podcast, Green posited an interesting theory regarding the historical implications of the Celtics’ overcoming their 3–0 deficit against the Heat. Boston, after winning Game 4 and 5, entered Saturday’s pivotal Game 6 in Miami with an opportunity to become the fourth team in history to force a Game 7 after facing a 3–0 hole. 

The idea of the Celtics winning Games 6 and 7 to advance to the NBA Finals is one Green said he’d like to see because it has never been done, but also for another more selfish reason. In Green’s eyes, such a comeback would possibly be enough to top Golden State’s iconic blown 3–1 lead to the Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals.

“We would love to see it, wouldn’t we? Maybe I won’t have to hear about 3–1 anymore if this team comes back from 3–0,” Green said. “Like, you could throw the 3–1 in the dirt, like, forget about it, I’m sick of it. And, like, talk about 3–0, it’d be a much better story.”

As one of the 152 teams that have faced a 3–0 playoff deficit, Boston remains firmly in the spotlight as the latest team looking to shock the world and defy the odds. And, in doing so, the Celtics-Heat series could potentially usurp Cavs-Warriors as the de facto, greatest NBA comeback of all-time.

Of course, even if the Celtics eventually vanquish the Heat, the likelihood of it replacing the memory of the 2016 Finals altogether is, unfortunately for Green, likely more wishful thinking than anything. 

Sorry, champ.