The news that Fox Sports 1’s Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe is set to leave the program after reaching a buyout agreement with the company dropped on Wednesday night, and people are already starting to guess where the former NFL star could end up next.

A fellow sports talk show host, Pat McAfee, had an interesting idea for where Sharpe could land next while speaking on his Thursday episode of the Pat McAfee Show.

McAfee is slated to bring his popular YouTube show to ESPN this fall, and he would very much like it if Sharpe joined him there.

“Shannon is going to be in a really good spot here, I think, and I hope to hell he comes to ESPN,” McAfee said. “If Shannon Sharpe is to be there, and you start talking about like what a day could look like, that’s f------ awesome.”

McAfee didn’t necessarily promote the idea that Sharpe could be joining his show in the future, but instead just ESPN in general. 

Sharpe was a mainstay on Fox Sports 1 from 2016 until this week, working alongside former ESPN host Skip Bayless. The tension seemingly built between the two co-hosts, especially after Bayless posted a controversial tweet after Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest on the field on Jan. 2. Bayless stood by his tweet, despite Sharpe’s urging him to take it down.