Many college coaches have not held back their disdain for athletes’ newfound financial freedoms since the advent of widespread rules governing NIL rights. None, however, have done so with a turn of phrase quite like the one Missouri coach Eli Drinkwitz used Tuesday morning at the SEC’s meetings in Destin, Fla.

Drinkwitz was asked about NIL and pointed out that the rules allowed some players to make more than his pediatrician brother-in-law, adding, “He saves lives.” It was the kind of comment that might have found a more receptive audience had Drinkwitz’s own salary—$4 million—not been a matter of public record.

Drinkwitz was roundly ridiculed for his comparison, especially in the wake of his pedestrian 17–9 record since the Tigers hired him in Dec. 2019.

Many noted that the structure of his contract will see his salary escalate in future seasons.

Some found humor in Drinkwitz's lack of self-awareness.

ESPN personality Myron Medcalf weighed in, comparing Drinkwitz’s salary to that of another local public official in Columbia, Mo.