The PatriotsJets game on Sunday was an ugly affair for both offenses, and things got contentious during a scuffle between two of the biggest names on the field. Things got chippy when New York cornerback Sauce Gardner shoved New England quarterback Mac Jones in what appeared to be an unprovoked move after a skirmish broke out. 

But after the 15–10 loss, Gardner claimed he was retaliating after Jones hit him in the “private parts.” Now on Monday, the All-Pro defensive back took his case a step further with some video evidence. Gardner posted a video of the sequence on X, formerly known as Twitter, but from a different angle than the original one on the television broadcast. 

“Posting this so I don’t get fined lol,” Gardner wrote.

Granted, the video quality is poor, but Jones’s hand seems to be near Gardner’s groin before the shove. It might not be definitive, but the NFL will surely look at every piece of evidence available before potentially handing down any fines.