After the 116-94 win on Friday night, the Knox City Greyhounds broke a new school and area record. While the Greyhounds normally run 60 to 70 play on Friday nights. The win over Motley County only required 51 plays and 671 yards of total offense.

“Motley County does a good job, Coach Bigham does a good job over there with his kids. They have been running that offense since he got there, and then our offense is pretty solid. So it was a big offensive ball game, and it came down to, I think they stopped us once, and they recovered an onside and we recovered a fumble and I think we got a couple stops and that made the difference in the ball game. Once we got up ten, I felt a little bit more comfortable. You still gotta keep your foot on the gas, because one turnover and they score and its a whole different ball game, so it was really just about keeping the kids focused. Hey we gotta go ring the bell, and answer the call. Basically if they score, its time to answer the bell and time to score back, because in that situation with a game like that if you don’t score, it could be the difference in the ball game,” said Caleb Calloway.

“We lost to them last year, so we knew that if we would lose to them again, we would be on the same path as we were last year. So we knew we had to win this game,” said Abraham Nevarez.

650 of those total offense yards were thanks to Quarterback Abraham Nevarez. Nevarez threw for 292 yards and six touchdowns, and ran for 358 yards and 6 touchdowns on the ground wracking up 12 total touchdowns and 72 points for the Greyhounds.

“Just run the play. Attack. If the receiver is not open, just run it. Just make a play happen. I think it feels pretty good. I wouldn’t be able to do it without my teammates making good blocks for me down the field and stuff like that,” said Abraham Nevarez.

“Abraham does a good job of reading the defense. His downfield blocking was phenomenal. He doesn’t run for that many yards, but we had some receivers downfield hitting some key blocks. Even our center downfield getting some key blocks, and those were big plays. He has also been throwing the ball really well this year, really putting the ball on target and we have kids downfield that can catch it. At any time, we have guys besides Abraham that can catch it and make a play. That makes him special, because now he has pressure of him. He can do a few more things with his legs that he couldn’t do whenever a guy might drop a pass every now and then, so hes really matured a lot and I am proud of him and I look to see better things from him. Again, like I said without his teammates he wouldn’t be there, but we are glad he is on our team,” said Caleb Calloway.

Nevarez and the Knox City Greyhounds will add more yards under the Friday night lights as the season goes on, but for now its on to District play.