Fallstown Boxing is not only the only gym in Wichita Falls that sends a team to compete nationally, but also is home to five national champions including Emmanuel Carillo and Manny Moreno.

“We’ve had both of them probably since the age of seven. I think both of them came in at the age of seven.To the point their at now to where they started. Its just a complete 360. When they first came in they couldn’t even jump rope, and now look at them. They’re the elite fighters that compete you know, so they have come a long long way,” said Mike Zapata.

Carillo and Moreno both have their fair share of accolades. Both are USA National Junior Olympic Champions and hold numerous tournament honors.

“Every week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, We sometimes switch it up to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, sometimes spar on Friday. Sometimes we even spar on the weekends like Saturday. We sometimes go out of town to go spar, and just a lot of running and a lot of training and getting ready for anything that comes our way,” said Emanuel Moreno.

“Practice would be my favorite part, but competing is pretty fun. The day of your resting, having fun, just chilling, and then you get into the moment of the fight, and you just do what you’ve been working for this whole time for,” said Emmanuel Carrillo.

While boxing can be a tough sport, the boys make sure to wrap up, get enough sleep, and eat the right foods to full their bodies for the upcoming match.

“I have a pad on. I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s a pad right here. It’s like a foam pad that protects my hands more than regular wraps would do. Then you also have the regular polyester wraps that go over it. Its just a little bit more protection,” said Emmanuel Carrillo.

“Just eating healthy. Nothing really fat. We can eat anything we want, but just little parts of it. Not really much like a lot of, whats it called, grease and stuff into your body. Just eating healthy like salads, chicken, and just stuff like that,” said Emanuel Moreno.

A lot of preparation goes into training for a tournament. The Fallstown Boxing crew has hit the gym hard in preparation for three upcoming tournaments, including hosting their own tournament: The 6th Annual Red River Invitational.

“Its a big spotlight. For all of us that are a part of this team, and its just our tournament you gotta win. You gotta try your best, and that’s how I take it,” said Jaderick Perez.

“I’ve coached pro fighters in the past, and I’ve coached a lot of kids in the past. But this group of kids that we have now, they are just out of this world,” said Mike Zapata.

Carillo, Moreno, and the rest of the Fallstown Boxing crew have a busy upcoming few months, but they have their boxing gloves ready for any challenge that comes their way.