Sports Spotlight: Leilani Nguyen- September 28, 2019


For Leilani Nguyen, the work doesnt stop after volleyball practice. Nguyen likes to stay on her toes. Literally.

“I take ballet, point, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, technique, and acro. Yes,” said Leilani Nguyen.

Nguyen had to learn time management from an early age. She started dancing at four years old and then began volleyball in third grade.

“I go to Volleyball, and then right after, I go to dance. Same things for games. If there’s a game, I go for another two hours at dance. I take 10 classes a week, so its pretty crazy,” said Leilani Nguyen.

While Nguyen thrives on both the volleyball court and the dance floor, she can’t decide which one she likes better. But Nguyen does know that dance has helped her become a more competitive player as a Lady Knight.

“Stretching and everything, that will make me like really flexible. Doing a lot of our dances, it helps me last a lot longer on the court. Especially with six players its really tough, but having to do a whole three minute dance really helps me play five sets at a volleyball game,” said Leilani Nguyen.

You can bet Leilani Nguyen and the rest of Texoma’s student athletes will be putting in the time and work to perform well at any stage they come across, whether it be on the field, in the classroom, or on the hard wood.

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