Sports Spotlight: Mitch McLemore- September 11, 2019


It was the end of January and Mitch McLemore knew something felt off.

“I got into my doctor and she took my blood pressure and it was astronomical. She said, ‘you’re going to the ER,’ and I said, ‘okay I’ll meet you down there.’ And she said, ‘no, you don’t understand. I’ve already called the fireman. They are going to come take you to the ER.’ So when I got there, they did the EKG test. The doctor first came and told me they thought it was stress, which is something I had had since about 2012. Then he came back in about 5 minutes later and said, ‘you are having a massive heartache,’ he said, ‘massive,’ said Mitch McLemore.

“He took himself to the ER, because that is the kinda man he is. He is just tough. He doesn’t want anybody to do anything else for him. He can do it himself, but when I got that call it hit me pretty hard. It really shows you how short life is, and something like a heartache, it can strike at any moment. And it can change the course of your life forever,” said Ty McLemore.

Little did he Coach McLemore know, the heartache would ba a 100 percent blockage and require four stints.

“I’ve known for sometime that its in his hands. When he decides its time its time, so it was a situation where I had no control whatsoever with what was going on with my body or anything else and I learned a lot from it. Mainly that who I serve is an amazing Lord and King Jesus Christ and that God is real and that it was going to be okay whatever happened. I knew it was going to be okay,” said Mitch McLemore.

Coach McLemore sees life and coaching a little different now. Every day, another chance to make a difference.

“He’s been a football coach for thirty plus years I think now. I wont say its always just been about the game for him, but after the whole heart attack deal he’s taken a new perspective on life. Especially out of the game. Like he tells his kids, he wants them to be great competitors, but more than anything he wants them to be great men after the game,” said Ty McLemore.

“The biggest thing is love more, worry less, and forgive quickly. Those are the three big things that He gave me. This is an amazing life that we have to live. We talk to our kids all the time about that, and we need to take advantage of everyday. After every storm there comes a blessing, and the blessings are always greater than the storms,” said Mitch McLemore.

Regardless of what is on the scoreboard on Friday nights, Coach McLemore will use every day to remind his players of their worth and that there are blessings all around.

“I consider myself to be overly blessed. My friend always says, ‘ yea you say, I know, you’re the most blessed man on Earth.’ And I said, ‘I think I am,’ said Mitch McLemore.

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