Sports Spotlight: The Importance of Shoes

As we kick off Track and Field season, it’s important to recognize perhaps one of the greatest contributors to the sport: the shoes.
When choosing a pair of new running shoes, there’s more to it than just what colors you like or brands you think sound cool. Midwestern State Track Head Coach and Endurance House General Manager, Koby Styles, says it’s important to find the right shoe for you, regardless of how you use them, “Whether it’s walking, running, working out in the gym, or just standing all day at your job, you want to be in a well-supportive shoe.”
Styles says if you fail to find the right match, or if you don’t switch out your shoes every few months, you can be prone to injuries…MSU track and cross country runner, Brandi Hobson, knows about this all too well.
There are generally three different types of feet, which correlate to three basic categories of shoes, “Each brand has three categories: neutral, stability, and motion control. They all have competitors against one another. Based on your gate, we categorize you in those three categories, which helps us determine what shoe for you,” explains Styles.
There have been various running shoe fads…one you may have heard of: the maximalist vs minimalist shoe….
“Maximalist is a shoe that we carry that we sell very well, Hoka, which is just very very max cushion. It’s like walking on pillows…Minimalist…there’s a lot of cushion, it’s almost like walking around barefoot. It comes down to what you prefer.”
With all of this to consider when picking out shoes, Styles says that MSU’s track expenses are largely consumed by shoes.
If you’re curious what kind of shoe is best for your foot, Endurance House will let you know.  They’re located at 5007 Taft Blvd in Wichita Falls.

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