Team of the Week: City View Mustangs Football- September 19, 2019


The City View Mustangs are back to work. The Mustangs may be 3-0, but the only game that matters now is the next one.

“It feels good right now, but you know after this week we are 0-0. So we can enjoy it now, but at the end of the day, after this week we are 0-0 no matter what,” said Rudy Hawkins.

“Its exciting. I haven’t been 3-0 since middle school, and they said they haven’t either since eighth grade. So, its great. We tell ourselves just go 1-0 every week. You cant go 4-0 if you don’t go 1-0 so that’s our thing for this week. We are just hoping to keep going, and improve on defense a lot more and if we keep our offense the same and just keep getting our routes better and everything else we will do great,” said Wesson Ham.

The City View offense is turning heads this season led by Quarterback Isaiah Marks and an experienced receiving corps.

“Coach was saying we have been ahead and this is probably the best passing game he’s had ever since he has been at City View. So we are just hoping to keep that going and getting stronger and stronger. We really work on footwork, and the depth, and just the way we have to run the routes and how long. We had been struggling a little bit with that and now that we are getting sharper with it, its really easy to get more open and more spacing between the wide receivers in the actual games,” said Wesson Ham.

The Mustangs offensive line led by Crafton Lindenborn and Mason Hill may go un-noticed by most fans on Friday night. But….

“I think the line is the biggest key. You know Crafton has done a great job for us, hes a three year returning starter for us, and we had some young guys that came in. Mason Hill is a freshman playing guard and those along with the guys we have returning, Bobby Copeland and Cade. Those guys are just doing a great job upfront,” said Rudy Hawkins.

“What it is is we have to stay low and bust through their line, because they can only hold us for a certain amount of time. We are always driving our feet, and we are always pushing. We are never stopping. We never settle for ‘oh I got here.’ No we go deeper. We go for the quarterback. We try to make the sack. We try to make the play,” said Crafton Lindenborn.

“Practice technique and practice footwork and all of that stuff. Make sure that we get our hands on everyone. Push and drive them,” said Mason Hill.

“Our head lineman coach, he switched everything up for us. We are running different drills and doing different things, and its really just changed our line as a whole. We have more size. We have more speed. We have more strength, and were focusing on driving and power. He’s been focusing on that and its pushing us to the next level,” said Crafton Lindenborn.

City View hopes to take it to a new level each week. From this point on, its 0-0 for the City View Mustangs.

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