The Wichita Falls Coyotes won a second gold ball but more importantly, or most notable, the win sets up a battle royale. Old High vs Rider in the regional semifinals at Memorial Stadium.

Two playoff wins and things are well for the Coyotes. The team exceeded expectations and are now playing with house money.

“We are double fisting gold balls,” said Coyotes offensive lineman Carter Milstead. “Let’s get three!”

For the first time ever, Old High and Rider face-off in the playoffs. It’s a storied rivalry, but where did it start? Nine times from 1941-1971 the Coyotes made it to the state championship game and won six titles.

“In ’62 and ’63 you have Rider and Hirschi and instead of one high school you have three high schools,” said 1970 WFHS graduate Joey Aboussie. “Almost immediately there was a tremendous rivalry that was created.”

A rivalry that until 2019 never produced a playoff edition.

“It’s awesome,” said Milstead. “It’s probably one of the best atmospheres I’ll ever play in. I just hope we can get a bunch of people out there on Friday at 2 o’clock and just pack it.”

“The schools will turn out,” said Aboussie. “Of course the students will turn out. But parents, friends, people that don’t have kids in school that love these two teams. They will be out there”

Aboussie says he already knows which team will end up on top.

“I can tell you who is going to win this game. The ones who want it the most. So that is going to be fun to watch.”