WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A child’s most informative years are between the ages of 2 and 12 and if you’re looking to set your little ones up for success, There are some places around town to help along the way.

“Kids need to be able to relate to the people that are trying to teach them, I could be in here just perfect and perfect, but I’m not relating to them, so they’re not going to understand it,” Executive Director of the Youth Opportunities Center Madeline Chappell said.

Executive Director for the Youth Opportunities Center or YOC, Madeline Chappell says, meeting the youth halfway is the big part of their mission, and after renovations like new heating and air, a new roof and new bleachers, their doors are open to those looking to learn.

“Now we’re focused on entrepreneurship and getting these kids who have special talents and special gifts, and getting them on the right paths to make some money off their dreams and goals,” Chappell said.

Building children up, something the All Hands Cultural Community Center team believes, too.

“We try to make sure that when they come in here that whatever attitude that they had that wasn’t good that before they leave it’s gone to be good,” Co-Founder and Vice President of All Hands Cultural Community Center J.W. Harris said.

At All Hands, children can play sports, learn to draw and sew, even how to garden, and most importantly, how to just be social.

“We hope to help the kids to number one to have a good attitude to number two have respect,” Edward Downing said.

“To be able to not look down on themselves or look down on others but to show all manner of respect for all people and that’s why it’s All Hands Cultural Community
Center,” Harris said.

“It’s the opportunities center so we like that,” Chappell said.

Early life lessons that will go a long way! For more information on the YOC, click here. For more information on All Hands Cultural Community Center, click here.