WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man sent to prison for 10 years after violating his probation for a bizarre child abuse case is seeking release about 5 months after being sentenced.
Buford Whisenant, 44, was returned to Wichita County from prison for a hearing Thursday, January 19.

His attorney filed for his sentence to be converted to shock probation.
Whisenant was denied parole in November based on his criminal history, nature of the offense, substance abuse and unsuccessful periods of supervision while on probation.

Records show Whisenant was arrested 4 times after being placed on 3 years probation, and prosecutors filed several motions to revoke or modify his probation.

Whisenant and codefendant Jennifer Nash were arrested in 2016 for abuse of a young boy.
Authorities said both admitted to shooting pellets at the boy as discipline and using other forms of punishment, such as giving him only Ramen noodles to eat and making him stand and stare at a strip of duct tape while repeatedly lifting cans of peas with his arms straight out.

The boy said discipline also included making him do squats and push-ups and when he could do no more he would be shot or struck in the chest, stomach or legs with a bar of soap in a pillowcase.

Court records indicate Nash successfully completed her probation.