WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The annual Texoma Gives is quickly approaching!

With 240 non-profits signed up for this year’s event, Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation President Leslie Schaffner said it never stops growing.

“We lose some every year, but we pick up new ones,” Schaffner said. “This is the most that we’ve ever had.”

In 2022, over $2 million was raised for local organizations. A record-breaking number Schaffner said demonstrates the community’s generosity and support for the nonprofits.

“You can count on these nonprofits during the hard times and during the good times, and that’s why they are worthy of support,” she said. “I just hope that other people in our community see that, recognize it and are generous in their giving to Texoma Gives.”

Any assistance goes a long way for these nonprofits, whether it’s financial or through volunteering, especially as Texoma Gives may be a nonprofit’s biggest fundraiser of the year, according to Zavala President Ruby Garrett.

“Just giving to any nonprofit, any money they want to give to a dollar, $10, $20 is support important for any nonprofit,” Garrett said. “Especially some that are just volunteer-based. And we do a lot of grant writing and that’s a lot. Sometimes we do it to where we may not get donations [or] we may get some.”

With Giving Day around the corner, Schaffner said she hopes people donate beyond just Texoma Gives.

“I hope people walk away from Texoma Gives inspired,” Schaffner said. “I hope they hear the stories of what these nonprofits are doing in the community and they understand a little bit better about how communities come together to surround each other.”

Allowing nonprofits to continue making a difference in our community, Texoma Gives encourages Texomans to give back.

While the official Giving Day is Thursday, September 7, 2023, early giving is still available on the Texoma Gives’ website.