WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — During the 2023 legislative session, over 770 bills were passed, but House Bill Six is the one bill Action Against Opioids is eye-balling.

“We are losing over 100,000 Americans every year,” Action Against Opioids Founder Sandra Vergara said. “That was the number in 2021 and we have to stop this.”

House Bill Six now classifies overdoses from fentanyl as ‘poisonings,’ meaning any Texan who delivers a fatal dose of the opioid could face a murder charge.

While Vergara said is a step in the right direction, she said the work doesn’t stop when the law takes effect.

“I believe it should be consequences when anybody takes the life of somebody,” Vergara said. “We are going to leave this to the lawmakers and the government to decide what consequences these people should have.”

Also passed this session, is House Bill 3908 which requires all Texas public schools to instruct students sixth through 12th grade about fentanyl and drug abuse prevention.

“We’ve tried to be proactive in addressing the issues that’s just skyrocketed throughout the nation today,” Holliday ISD Superintendent Cody Carroll said. “We want to make sure our kids and our staff are educated in everything about fentanyl and all the things associated with that.”

Working to end a crisis affecting many around the state.

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