WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) – Damage to our homes happens sometimes resulting in needing to find a contractor to help and repair, but how do we go along that process?

“Every time the wind blows, there could be some damage, we may have found tree limbs, may have down fences roofs may need repair after the wind that we had this week and what the better business bureau does is the best advice we can give a consumer is our contractor tips,” Horton said.

President of Wichita Falls better business bureau, Monica Horton says when it comes to repairing fences and roofs, scams are not uncommon but, BBB can help prevent that.

“Before a consumer contracts with anyone, we want them to do their research, and part of that research is to check bbb.org and see what we have to say about a particular contractor,”

On Tuesday, the owner of Lonestar fencing and construction was charged with two counts of theft leaving clients robbed of thousands of dollars, Horton says that’s where the better business bureau comes in.

“Never pay anybody in advance of receiving any work, that is pretty much the number one scam that we have reported to us is when a consumer has paid money to the contractor in advance of them doing work and they just take off with the money,” Horton said.

So how do you prevent this from happening to you next?

“We offer dispute resolution, we offer tips for consumers online and how not to get scammed, we will take scammed reports from consumers if they feel like they have been scammed, include bbb.org as part of your research before you hire a contractor, don’t do business just because someone knocked on your door and never pay in advance of any work being done,” Horton said.

Preventing scams in our community and guaranteeing quality service to everyone, especially when it comes to fixing our homes.

For more information on consumer tips and picking a contractor, click here.