WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man who has been arrested and released on bond seven times this year is back in jail following a hearing with new bonds totaling more than 2 million dollars.

Jordy Onstead-Donley was released on $35,000 in bonds Wednesday on more charges that he violated a 2-year protective order that prohibits any contact with his former girlfriend.

The court found his bond to be insufficient and ordered his re-arrest today, Friday Mar. 17, 2023, on all his charges from this year, including multiple charges of violating that protective order, stalking, harassment, possession of a controlled substance and aggravated assault with a weapon. His new bonds total $2,041,000.

The high bonds come after the Wichita County District Attorney’s Office pushed for his re-arrest and new bond high enough to protect the public. In a hearing, the court ordered Onstead-Donley be on house arrest should he bond out of jail.

He will not be allowed to leave his residence without prior written permission from the court. Prior ordered conditions remain, which includes an ankle monitor if he bonds out.

Prosecutors say Onstead-Donley also failed to submit a urine sample for drug testing as required on Wednesday, Mar 15. He was ordered to provide one. Since January 16, total bonds, including his set today, are over $2,800,000.  He has posted bonds 5 times in March alone.