WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The mother of a then 1-year-old Wichita Falls boy who was ejected from a car on an icy overpass in a winter storm has been sentenced to 8 months in state jail for child endangerment.

Cristin Hull Murphy made a plea deal in 78th District Court today, March 3, 2023.

Police were called to an accident on Lloyd Ruby Overpass on February 16, 2021, where a witness said he saw a baby flying out of an SUV onto the ice and snow. The witness said he was traveling behind a Chevy Blazer which was traveling at a high rate of speed even though the road was covered in ice and snow.

He said the Blazer lost control and hit the cement guard rail of the overpass. The witness stopped and said when the snow subsided somewhat, he spotted the baby lying about 10 feet from the Blazer. He then saw a man run over to the baby and pick him up. An officer said the Blazer had no child safety seats. The one-year-old as well as his three-year-old brother were taken to the hospital to be checked.

Officers said they determined Murphy had been driving the vehicle, and the father was in the front passenger seat holding the one-year-old and the other child was in the back seat. Police say the father told them he told Murphy to slow down because she was going too fast in the snow. He said when they hit the rail, the door came open and the airbag deployed, stunning him and causing him to drop the baby.

Murphy told police she was only going 20 mph. She also said she had just left work and didn’t have time to put the car seats in the car. Nurses told police the baby miraculously only suffered bleeding and bruising to the nose. The father was also charged with endangerment, but was no billed by a grand jury.