WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)—Schools from all over Texoma flocked to Region 9 this morning for the Red River Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Young scientists and engineers gathered this morning to participate in the fair that hasn’t been held in over a decade.

Curtis Jackson takes us inside for a look at what this younger generation has been working on.
From X-ray vision, to insects, even meteor impact craters, Region 9 K12 Science Specialist, Elizabeth Reynolds said these young minds have been hard at work for weeks preparing for this big day.

“There are two categories, science projects and engineering projects, so for science projects you can choose biological sciences physical sciences, ect.,” Reynolds said.

Students then design an experiment based on the type of science they choose, Reynolds said the engineering side of things is a little more hands on.

“Engineering projects, they build something to solve a problem or to fulfill a purpose,” Reynolds said.

The students grades six through twelve are then judged on their work by a wide variety of judges.

“Region 9 is providing the space today and MSU, most of the judges, we also have judges from some local businesses some from on base, and some from some local organizations like Texas Master Naturalists,” Reynolds said.

The winners then get to move onto the Texas State Science and Engineering Fair in March, but Reynolds said the fair is more than just picking a winner.

“The best thing is does for the kids is it allows the younger students to see the level that some of these students are working at they can see some of the more advanced the more professionally looking displays they also have the opportunity to interact with scientist and engineers,” Reynolds said.

And since this is the first fair they’ve been able to hold in the past 10 years, Reynolds hopes this event acts as a catalyst for future fairs.

“We would love for this to grow to get more kids involved we had some schools bring thirty kids and some schools bring one, so we’ll take them all, and hopefully they’ll have a great experience, and they’ll go back and talk to the other students and teachers at their schools and get them excited for it,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said one outstanding high school project has the possibility to move on the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Dallas which will be held in May, and of course we here at KFDX want to wish all the students the best of luck.