WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Instead of roses, candy, and kisses, police said for one couple on Valentine’s it was arguing, thrown coffee, a broken phone and jail for one.

Steven Rosales was arrested after Wichita Falls police responded to the 900 block of E. Scott for an assault report late in the night on February 14, 2023.
Officers said the victim of the alleged assault told them she and her husband of two years were arguing about Valentine’s Day and as the arguments escalated he began throwing things.

She said the arguing then got very heated when Rosales threw his latte on her, and she threw hers on him.

Then she said, while she was lying on the bed, Rosales jumped on top of her and punched her twice in her left arm.
She said she told him she was calling police, and he took her phone and threw it on the floor, breaking it.
She said she left and called police from another apartment, and when police arrived, she told them she did not want to press charges but just wanted a place to stay.
Police said they saw latte on the victim’s face and shirt and on the suspect’s hair, face and hoodie.

They said Rosales denied anything physical happened, other than he got mad and broke the phone.