WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — An arrest warrant was ordered by the judge for a Wichita Falls woman when she did not show up for her plea hearing on two counts of child endangerment and drug charges.

Samantha Hathaway, 37, was to be sentenced to her plea agreement in 89th District Court Thursday, February 16, 2023. This is the second warrant issued for alleged violations since her initial charge and release on bail.

She was arrested in 2020 after police said she and her husband were stopped in a car crammed with personal possessions and drugs, and her two children were found in a small space in the backseat with drugs nearby.

They said the driver tried to hide a pipe and when the officers told Hathaway to step out from the passenger seat, they said she had been sitting on a large bag of meth in very large shreds.
Besides meth, officers said they found marijuana, a camera case containing black tar heroin, syringes and meth pipes. They say two girls were in a back seat with objects piled all around them, and near them a burnt soda can filled with cotton soaked with heroin residue.

As an officer sat with the kids, he said they casually remarked that they were not allowed to touch the case with heroin in it.

Hathaway was also rearrested in May 2022 when officials say she did not comply with her bond conditions and was believed to be in Sandy, Utah.

She was booked back into Wichita County jail about a week later and then released again about two weeks after that.