Tuesday’s Child: Sophia

Tuesday's Child
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Sophia is a beautiful girl with lots of personalities. She is a sassy and outgoing social butterfly.

Even though Sophia is not old enough to speak, she has an extensive vocabulary through her many sounds, and she loves to use them. Sophia likes to be outside as much as she likes to be held. Some of her favorite things to do are swimming, swinging, and petting animals.

She also enjoys music, back scratches, and bouncing on your lap. Sophia is a big eater and always likes to try new foods. Sophia is a child who has special needs. She has been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury, Seizures and Vision Impairment. Despite her challenges in daily living activities, Sophia is well-tempered and loves to enjoy life to its fullest.

Sophia needs a family who is dedicated to a life-long relationship with her. The family for Sophia will offer patience and support. Sophia will do best in a family who will be able to access the resources she needs and assist her with new challenges as she continues to grow and develop.

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What are the steps to adoption?

  1. Become licensed foster to adopt parent
  2. Complete the DFPS match process
  3. Preplacement visits
  4. Foster for 6 months

Why do I have to foster before I can adopt?

There is a six month waiting period to ensure a good fit for both you and the child, during this time period you are fostering to adopt.

How do I become licensed?

  1. Find a Child Placement agency that is a good fit for you.  There are three locally.
  2. Pass background check
  3. Attend 30-40 hours of training
  4. Home study

Are there any services for adopted children?

Yes!  Most children listed on the DFPS website qualify for adoption subsidies.  There are also different post adopt services available.

How does a child qualify for a subsidy?

Each child is looked at by DFPS to determine if they qualify.  Some of the qualifying factors are: being a part of a sibling group, age or ethnicity.

What are adoption subsidies?

  1. Healthcare coverage until the age of 18.
  2. Tuition waiver for state schools.
  3. Monthly stipend.
  4. Legal and court fees.

How much does it cost to adopt?

  1. You can expect some small expenses during the licensing process, this will differ depending upon the agency you choose.
  2. Court fees and legal expenses are often covered by adoption subsidies, if not one might expect between $1,500 and $2,500 depending upon the counsel chosen.

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