In 1992, KFDX developed the Television Auction to compliment North Texas Rehab’s highly successful “Cattleman’s Auction”.  This year, KFDX will televise our live auction on Thursday, August 18th.  The Television Auction is fun, and a great way to support one of our area’s finest resources, North Texas Rehab Center.  Here’s how the auction works: KFDX operates 4 “bid boards” each hour, with one of our main anchors responsible for each board.  The items are highlighted several times per hour, as we rotate from board to board.  KFDX also produces informational updates, which allow us to tell the great story of the work done at The Rehab Center.  Each hour, the bid boards are changed out, with the top bidder capturing the item(s) they bid on.  The auction airs from 7pm-10pm, so viewers have the opportunity to bid on over 96 great items.  All auction proceeds go to North Texas Rehab Center.


Hour 1 • 7 – 8 PM

Hour 2 • 8 – 9 PM

Hour 1 • 9 – 10 PM

To bid on any items call 940-276-1999 or 888-383-5033
(phones open August 18, 2022, 7pm-10pm)

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