On today’s Talking Texoma, Chris Showalter is with Jack Small at Red River Harley Davidson.  There’s nothing like the fun of riding a motorcycle, but first you must have a license.  Jack is the Harley Davidson riding school instructor, and they’re busy getting ready for their upcoming classes.

At Red River Harley Davidson, they offer a variety of classes.  They offer classes for a beginning rider, someone who has never ridden before.  They also offer an advanced course or skilled rider course and at times will do one on one classes.  If you have a group of five or six people, they can schedule a class just for you.  You do not need a bike for the class.  They will supply a motorcycle for you and make sure that it fits properly for your size.  They’ll also provide a helmet if you need one.  You’ll only be required to have the gear for riding, and if needed they’ll help you with that. 

In the class they will teach you how to stop, how to do turns, braking, and many safety factors. It’s not just sit-down classroom learning.  There are hands on experiences. Their classroom extends to the range that they have at their dealership.  They start with an introduction to the motorcycle and then work up through a series of exercises, each building skills.  The final exercise is the riding test.  After you pass the riding test, you will go to the license office and get your license.  To find out more about the classes available at Red River Harley Davidson, you can either call or visit their website.  Come out and get started today.