A cold front arriving this morning will put an end to our record setting heat. Winds will be changing to be out of the north this morning with winds reaching up to 20mph. The cooler air will bring our lows down into the upper 40s and lower 50s as we start the day. We will have cloudy skies as the front moves though, but skies will be clearing up, and will be mostly sunny this afternoon.

Highs will be noticeably cooler than yesterday. We expect to warm up to 64 degrees today. Winds will be calming down but staying out of the north at around 10-15 mph for the rest of the day.

Overnight, the cold front that moved through Texoma will be stalling in central portions of Texas, and will even push back towards us. We will have increasing cloud cover as the front returns and could see an isolated shower or two arriving late in the night. Lows will be down to 48 degrees tonight.

Rain chances will increase for our Friday. the front will make its way back into our area. We will have a 60% chance of rain as the system sits over southeastern portions of our viewing area. Highs will be up to 67° and we could receive up to 1.5 inches of rain in our southeastern counties. Sadly northwestern portions of Texoma will remain mostly dry.

A round of much colder air will push the rain back to the south, and plunge our highs into the lower 50s with lows this weekend below freezing.