WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A 73-year-old Wichita Falls woman is charged with DWI and evading arrest after police said she drove her car around a police car, over a curb and then down the sidewalk.

Police went to Jacobs and Maplewood at Century City after a witness said a white KIA was parked on the sidewalk and the driver was, “completely out of it.”

An officer said when he pulled up, the KIA was driving through a parking lot, then drove around the back of his car and onto a sidewalk where it headed east.

The officer turned on his overhead lights and tried to block the car but it then drove off the sidewalk and back into the parking lot.

He then blew his air horn to get the driver to stop but said she then turned east onto Midwestern and the officer turned on his siren.

He said the car kept going and tried to turn onto Louis J. Rodriguez Drive but was blocked by oncoming traffic.

The officer went up to the driver’s window and said Jeanne Williams, 73, was wearing only a blue robe.

He said he knocked on the window repeatedly trying to get her attention and when she finally rolled down the window he immediately smelled alcohol. He said she told him she had had a couple of drinks.

He said Williams’ eyes were glazed and her speech slurred and she was unsteady when she got out.

Officers said they found a glass of clear liquid inside and she then admitted to drinking several vodka and tonics.

Police attempted to get her to perform field sobriety tests but she said she was too cold, so she was taken to jail.