WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Police are always reminding residents to keep their doors locked at all times to keep burglars and other criminals out.

But one Wichita Falls man finds himself locked out of his own home while an accused burglar rummages through his belongings.

Tawonicha Bailey is in jail on $50,000 bond on a burglary charge. She was arrested when she was identified from photos police posted on social media.

Police say the victim was sweeping off his driveway on June 2 in the 200 block of Farris when a woman in a tight pink dress walked onto his property.

He said he told her to leave, but she then walked onto his porch and sat down in a chair. He once again told her to leave and said she got up but instead of leaving, walked through the front door and closed and locked it behind her.

He said he could hear and see her inside opening drawers and rummaging through items. He said after a while she left, taking a bb gun and a diecast model car.

Officer checked the area for witnesses and say a person in a nearby business saw a loud and belligerent woman in a pink dress come into the store and kept saying her name was Tawona.

Officers obtained still photos from the store surveillance video and posted them on social media, and multiple police officers recognized the suspect as Bailey.