The City View Mustangs have not beaten the Holliday Eagles since 2014.. thats 6 seasons to be exact. But on Friday, October 4th, The Mustangs lead 20-0 at halftime and with some powerful defense held on to win 20-14.

“Oh it was just great. You know the kids have been working for this for a long time you know, and to be able to beat a great team like Holliday is something special. It put us on the map you know, we wanted to win this game to get some respect, and I think we earned it tonight,” said Rudy Hawkins.

“We prepared for this all week, and we came out scoring. Second half we didn’t score as we wanted to, but our defense came up and stopped them. I couldn’t be more proud of my team,” said Isaiah Marks.

The Mustangs proved they not only have a explosive offense, but also a pretty disruptive defense. The defense had four turnovers that night; one in the first half, and three in the second half.

“The defense really stepped us and made some plays for us. The offense they run, it puts us in key situations of what you have got to do some things different than what we usually do, so the kids came out and performed really well. Each one of them took care of their own personal job, and that’s what you have to do against a great offense like they have,” said Rudy Hawkins.

“We’re just basically a well rounded defense. So we have good down backs, safeties, all them. And our outside linebackers are really good. So, Its just we mainly had to stop Tristin Boyd. That makes us very proud cause we know offense, they mainly score for us, so we need to get the ball back for them,” said Jonathan Nabors.

We all know about City Views impressive offense. In just six games, the Mustangs have scored 245 points and averaged over 40 points per game this season.

“We watch a lot of film. A lot of film on the teams. A lot of film on us to find out what we need to fix for the next week, and just the calls that we do. If a linebacker is coming up we know we have to switch on to him at the right time. Tristin Boyd was a big factor. We had to keep an eye on him, and we didn’t get any sacks on Zeke. The two linebackers there were really good. When we saw them blitzing, we had to know that we needed to get on him. We’d rather the lineman down on us get to Zeke before they do, because we don’t want Zeke to get roughed up anymore than he already has,” said Cade Farrell.

And that’s what its all about. Playing for the guy beside you. The City View Mustangs play for each other. While the Mustangs have a bye week this week, they will still be working hard in preparation for the next game and then… the game after that.