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The days of falling back and springing forward may soon be a thing of the past for Texans, if a proposition passes through the state Senate.

The amendment authorizing a change in daylight saving time passed through the house easily and now heads to the Senate. If passed there, voters will decide if they prefer daylight saving time or standard time year around. Regardless of the outcome, there are plenty of people who will be glad to see the time changes go away.

Even though he has a strong opinion on whether he would like to see standard or daylight saving time year-round, Kenney Roberts would really just like to get rid of the time changes.

“I’m set on this time zone right here right now and my personal opinion, I guess that’s why they have a voting system, so everybody can vote,” Roberts said. “I have family that are teachers and they wish it would just be left one way or the other.”

Gov. Greg Abbott would also like to see the twice per year time changes stop.

“Why do we keep changing the time twice a year? I think we are all kind of wondering why we have to continue this,” Governor Abbott said.  “I think it would be good. I would urge my fellow citizens, I like daylight saving time better than standard time. I like the light late in the day.”

Roberts agrees with Governor Abbott on having light late in the day, which leaves him with more time to work on his farm.

“I wish it would stay just like it is right now with the time setting that we have,” Roberts said.  “For our time zone out here, our work ethics is daylight till dark. In certain times of the year, we may run that tractor around the clock when we are putting in a crop if mother nature is bearing down on us.”

Roberts says there just isn’t always enough time when it gets dark earlier.

“You look up thinking it’s nearly dark and heck it’s 5 o’clock,” Roberts said. “When you relate back to the summertime and at 5 o’clock you’ve still got three or four hours left of daylight. There’s time to do something then. Or get home mow the grass, weed eat, something like that.”

Regardless of opinions on which one should be the permanent time for Texas, the process of changing clocks could be a thing of the past.

If it passes through the Senate, the decision of which would be used, daylight saving time or standard time, would be up to the voters this November.

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