The hot and humid weather continues this afternoon. Highs will be reaching up to 98 degrees, with heat index values up to 100-105°. Though it will be another scorching summer day, we will have a strong breeze out of the south at around 15-20 mph. The winds should help making this afternoon more tolerable for those outside today, but when the wind calms down it is going to feel like the heat is stuck on you. We will not be cooling down much for tonight. The dewpoint temperature has jumped back up to 73° which will keep Texoma feeling muggy well into the afternoon. Lows will be down to around 77 degrees as winds continue out of the south.

Little change expected for out Friday, but a cold front will continue to track south across the Great Plains. The front could arrive as early as Saturday night, and with its arrival we will have a 60% chance of showers and Thunderstorms. The rain will continue into the start of next week. The front will stall just to the south of Texoma, keeping rain chances in the area for Monday and Tuesday. Highs next week will return to the mid 80s.