Cloudy skies this morning have maintained warmer than average lows. We will start the day with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. Winds have remained strong out of the south at around 10-20 mph.

Light rain showers are expected to begin around sunrise today. The rain showers will gradually increase in intensity as we continue throughout the day. The heaviest rain is to be expected in the early afternoon. Wide spread showers and thunderstorms will continue for the rest of the day but the center of the storms will be shifting further east as the day goes on. Highs will be in the mid to upper 60s.

Clouds will be breaking up overnight, with skies becoming partly cloudy. A small chance of rain will linger on early tonight. Lows will be down into the lower 40s with a northwestern breeze. Winds will be staying strong even into Tuesday.

Highs only reaching into the 50s for Tuesday afternoon, but we will be slowly warming up through the rest of the week. Rain chances will stay out of the forecast for the rest of the week, as highs reach back into the 70s by Friday and Saturday.