A strong northwestern breeze will continue across Texoma today. The front that arrived last night has brought noticeably cooler air back to the region. Lows are starting in the upper 30s and lower 40s. Winds wil be out of the Northwest at around 15 mph this morning, but the winds will be stronger this afternoon.

They will stay out of the northwest, but will reach up to 25 mph and gust up to 35 at times. A wind advisory is in effect for northwest portions of Texoma. We will have thicker cloud cover over Texoma this afternoon. Highs only reaching into the lower to mid 50s. We will have cloudy skies but the rain chances will be low today. The lift from the low pressure system continues to move away from us. If we do see any rain, it will be brief and light.

Skies will begin clearing up again overnight as lows drop to the upper 30s. Wind wont be as breezing tomorrow but will remain out of the northwest.

Skies will begin clearing up Wednesday and will be sunny though the remainder of the week. Highs will be steadily warming up. Highs will be back in the upper 70s by the end of the week, and even reaching into the 80s by next week.