Clear skies remain this morning. Lows were down into the upper 30s to lower 40s, while that might be a little chilly, the air will be still this morning, Even if you do decide to grab a jacket, you certainly wont need it this afternoon.

Highs will reach up to 80 degrees today. We will be around 10 degrees warmer than average and there wont even be much breeze for us either. Winds will be varied during the day, only reaching up to 5-10 mph.

High pressure will continue to dominate the forecast, keeping our skies clear for the next several days. Tonight lows will be back in the mid 40s. Winds will stay more constantly from the southeast but staying calm at only 5-10 mph.

Highs in the mid 80s Saturday afternoon and we will be 20 degrees warmer than average with a high of 91° Sunday. Winds will be increasing over the weekend, and that will bring a fire weather risk back to Texoma Sunday afternoon.