WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — So, now that high pressure is beginning it’s eastward exit and low pressure begins to gain strength and move closer to Texoma, rain chances return to the forecast in abundance… a similar pattern to what we’ve been experiencing during the past several weeks.

Futurecast Graphic

All in all, I think most Texomans would prefer to us move further from drought conditions, have fuller lakes, and water restrictions lifted. Of course, the unfortunate side of this is in having to deal with the potential for severe weather. It’s the one theme that cannot be ignored. With that in mind, there are likely going to be some severe storms that pop up this week, so let’s help keep each other weather aware!

Thunderstorm Outlook Graphic

Late Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday appear to be where the increased chances for when severe weather will likely occur. The closer it gets to those times the more specifics we’ll know in advance to relay on to you.

7 Day Outlook Graphic

We do have the potential for rain to look forward to, along with insulating cloudiness that will hopefully help keep very warm temperatures at bay for now. Late weekend, chances are the heat will return.