WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Heading throughout this weekend, Texoma will see a cold front that will bring cooler temperatures for both tomorrow and Saturday, October 28.

Behind the front, however, is a high-pressure system that will continuously bring down colder air from the northwestern quarter of the U.S., which will make the temperatures even colder as we head into Sunday and Monday of next week.

Map showing the front passing over Texoma heading throughout the day on Friday, Oct. 27
Map showing the high-pressure system bringing much colder air to Texoma

Our high temperatures will drop down into the low 50s and even the mid to high 40s while the low temperatures in the morning will, of course, be even colder. So cold, in fact, that our first freeze of this season is possible.

Map showing the forecasted lows for Monday morning

There is a slight chance of the freeze on Monday morning, however, the best chances come on Tuesday and Wednesday morning when our temperatures are currently forecasted to be around 31 to even 29 degrees for some parts of the area.

Map showing the forecasted lows for Tuesday morning

In preparation for this possible first freeze of the season please take precautions with any sensitive vegetation.

Along with much colder temperatures we are also expecting some more rain chances as the front pushes through on Friday and then some lingering ones throughout the weekend.

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