WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— As Texoma and Wichita Falls head into Halloween Tuesday, the temperatures will be chilly with clear skies throughout the day, but what is Halloween typically like for the area?

While this Halloween will feel very chilly at 53 degrees, it actually won’t even come close to the record coldest Halloween, which had a maximum temperature of only 36 degrees back in 1991; with that being said, though, we won’t come close to, our average temperature on Halloween day which is 71 degrees and very very far from our highest temperature which is 92 degrees in 1934.

While Wichita Falls’ low temperature of 27 degrees for Halloween will come very close, it won’t break the lowest-ever record, 21 degrees in 1993.

Map showing the low temperatures for Halloween Morning tomorrow

Finally, the area isn’t expecting any precipitation on Halloween, as we will keep clear skies throughout the day. The average precipitation for Halloween is pretty low at .08 inches, while our highest precipitation was 1.93 inches, recorded in 1972.

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