WICHITA FALLS (KFDX//KJTL) — Memorial and Legacy High Schools are right on track to be completed in 2024.

That’s what the board was told in a meeting Tuesday.

“We are about three weeks ahead of schedule on Memorial,” WFISD Superintendent Dr. Donny Lee said. “We are right on schedule with Legacy.”

But he said there’s still more to be done.

“None of the insides have started obviously so we’ve got to finish the outside,” Lee said. “We talked a little bit about the fact that we need to get electricity permits to start on the inside of the buildings. Then we’ve got to get ff&e, or furniture, fixtures and equipment inside of them.”

Lee also said it’s been impressive seeing all of this work being done in the short time since he took over.

“When I come in as an outsider to the campuses, to the district, here is what I see. I see, man, these are grand,” Lee said. “This is exciting. This is wonderful. So, I’ve only seen it from that end, so just communicating that great information.”

The board also approved a grant that will allow the district to get silent alarms.

“It allows us to have funds for each campus. It won’t completely fund it but say an intruder comes in,” Lee said. “Somebody that bypasses the first person at the counter, at the desk, this counselor or secretary or whoever it may be that’s up at the desk at that time can push that button, it triggers an alarm. It goes not only to our campus and district police officers but it also goes to the Wichita Falls Police Department.”

Dr. Lee said this is a direct response to the tragedy in Uvalde.

“The deciding factor of everything with safety is Uvalde right now,” Lee said. “So, lots of technology grants have come out, lots of safety grants, lots of grants for fencing that you’re seeing as a result of a tragedy.”

Because ultimately it’s about protecting all of the people in the district.

The newest board members were also sworn in at the meeting Tuesday. They also named the new leaders of the board with Katherine McGregor becoming president, Mark Lukert as vice president and Sandy Camp as secretary.

Here is a full rendering tour of Memorial and Legacy: