We’re only two months from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but Amazon isn’t waiting around for the holiday rush. The online retail giant has announced a shopping holiday event for its Amazon Prime members called “Prime Early Access Sale”, but we all know what it is. It’s another Amazon Prime Day. Special deals are only for Amazon Prime members. Here’s what else you should know:

It’s a 48-hour sale, starting October 11th. Amazon says it gives members an early start to holiday shopping. Of course, the earlier people shop, the more likely they’ll spend more. During its last Prime Day in June, Amazon says it reached over $12 Billion in sales making it the biggest shopping event in Amazon history.

Amazon’s a bit tight-lipped about what’ll be on sale, but it does say brands such as Peloton, New Balance, Philips Sonicare, and Murad will be featured.

Amazon will also release a Top 100-list of some of the best deals. And there will be big discounts on Amazon Alexa devices, Fire TVs, and other Alexa-enabled devices. In other words, it’s going to be just like other Prime Day events.

Some of the deals are already available to Prime Members which you’ll find on Amazon’s primary shopping page. There’s also a new Holiday Toy List if you’re looking for what’s going to be hot this Christmas.

What else do you need to know? It’s only for Prime Members, but Amazon is offering discount subscriptions for students and for anyone on government assistance.

Prime members will also receive a 12-month subscription to GrubHub, the food delivery service, which offers a $0 delivery charge for any purchases over $12.

Why another Prime Day? Any sale is a good sale for Amazon. For shoppers, it might help avoid any shipping delays for people who typically shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But like in years past, it’s a good idea for shoppers to check other retailers during the Amazon shopping holiday. Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and others historically counter Prime Days with their own shopping events.

If you’re dying to shop for the holidays, Prime Early Access begins on October 11th