Spring is here and if you’re looking for outdoor activities, a hike may be just what you need. If
you’re just starting out, you need to know about the trail before you hit it.

Hikers love an adventure, but not the kind of adventure you get from picking the wrong trail. Is
it too steep? is it paved or rocky? What do other hikers recommend? This app called “All Trails”
has all the answers when you tap the screen.

For iPhone and Android, All Trails is loaded with information hikers want and need. Say you’re
looking to get started and need an easy trail to hike, using your location, All Trails shows all of
the trails near you along with answers to important questions. How long is the trail? Is it a loop
or do you need someone to pick you up at the end?
Each trail has a description that lists its steepness grade, whether it’s all paved, all dirt, or a mixture of both.

It also shows an overview of the trail with a map.

Most helpful are hiker-submitted photos to check out the views ahead of time. The app is very
popular with hikers, so you’ll find photos and first-person reviews and recommendations.

You can download maps for areas with poor cell service, see your progress, and if you get off
the trail, you’ll get an alert.

You’ll no doubt discover some trails near you that you didn’t know about.

If you’re planning a vacation and want to find some trails ahead of time, you can search by city
and see all the options for where you’ll be. All Trails has information on over 200-thousand
trails around the country. It requires a subscription, which is $36 a year. Not bad for avid hikers
looking for an adventure and avoiding a long walk spoiled.

You can also access many of the trail maps and information on the All Trails website,