Should you download an app to use Chat GPT? Do you even need an app?

Chat GPT is an amazing technology that uses artificial intelligence to create, write, and answer
questions the same way a human would do. It’s being used now by small business owners, marketing, and real estate agents. Students of course are using Chat GPT for homework.

Especially noteworthy is how scammers are taking advantage of the growing interest of the
general public.

There are dozens of Chat GPT apps in the app stores and browser extensions in the Google
Chrome Store. These apps claim to have millions of users and one currently ranks #1 in the
productivity category for iPhone apps. They all cost money too. Several offers a lifetime
subscription for $69.99.

Here’s what you need to know. There is no official Chat GPT app. It is simply a website that’s

Some of the apps you’ll find might install malware, and installing most any app means a greater
chance at risking your privacy. A Chat GPT Chrome browser extension is being blamed for installing a virus that stole Facebook logins, deleted photos, and changed the name of the user
profiles of thousands of Facebook users to “Lily Collins”.

Instead of downloading a needless and maybe dangerous app, create your own Chat GPT
app of sorts.

On an iPhone, use the Safari browser and go to the website Once on the
official website tap the share icon and choose “Add to Home Screen” which will add an icon to
the home screen just like an app. It will actually look like other app icons on the screen.

On Android devices, go to the website in the Chrome browser. Then tap the three dots in the
top right corner, select share, and add to Home Screen.

Now when you tap on the icon it’ll open the official Chat GPT website. Just like an app.

On a computer, just bookmark the website.

Don’t spend any money on a Chat GPT app. Just steer clear because you don’t know what the
apps will do with your information. And it’s unnecessary.