If you travel frequently by air, or if you frequently pick up those frequent fliers at the airport, you
know that information about delays is important. A 20-minute delay could save you a dash through the concourse or time in the cell phone waiting area.

A smartphone app that gets rave reviews from frequent fliers may be a little pricey, but travelers
swear by it.

Flighty is filled with lots of data updated for fliers, at about the same time the pilots get the

Here’s how it works: Flighty locates flight information in your email and begins tracking the flight. You don’t have to do anything. Flighty begins sending updates on the airplane and any
changes to boarding, takeoff, landing, and baggage carousels.

You’ll see the route as filed by the pilots.

A quick glance and you’ll see information about the plane itself. How old it is, the date of its first flight, where the plane is coming in from, and whether it has been on time the day you fly. You’ll see the forecast for takeoff and landing, as well as a reminder of any time zone change.

There’s also contact information for the airline. Phone, website, and Twitter which is how many
airlines connect with passengers.

All that’s good, but what’s great are the live updates through push notifications. If a plane is running behind schedule, you’ll see it on your phone and Apple Watch before your airline can
send it. I found sometimes it was as many as 2 minutes before the same alert came from my
airline’s app.

Flighty can predict whether a flight will be on time based on inbound traffic for the last 25 hours, and airspace mandates. Flighty says it has FAA access and claims it can send travelers information about delays, even before the pilots get them.

There’s a free version with limited data. For frequent fliers, the premium version is $6 a month
or $48 a year.