It’s swimsuit season, but it’s not necessarily too late to start a weight-loss or muscle-building
program for the summer. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of fitness and diet apps in both app
stores that are all packed with information and encouragement.

One of the top-rated diet and health apps is “Foodvisor” which keeps track of everything you
eat, right down to the count and the amount.

Foodvisor can scan barcodes of food products to display exactly the calories, vitamins, and
minerals in them. There are plenty of diet apps that can do that, though. Foodvisor can also
show you the nutritional information in foods that have no barcode, like bananas, and other
fruits and vegetables.

Using the smartphone camera, take a photo of the food and Foodvisor uses machine learning
and A.I. to recognize what’s on your plate. This allows the app to list the nutritional value of the
food and whether it’s good or bad for you. It even gives the food a rating on a scale of good/bad.

The premium version also has hundreds of recipes, informational articles, and a live nutritionist
who can answer questions via chat messages.

The free version of Foodvisor has very limited information and features. The premium version
is $59 for 3 months. It offers a free 2-week trial of the premium version.

It’s available for iPhone and Android devices.