Most people who cook have a collection of cookbooks that have been handed down and kept
for decades. When the holidays arrive they dig through those cookbooks looking for a special
dish they’ve prepared before.
Many people who cook also have at least one recipe app on their smartphone that finds recipes
to try.
There are about as many cooking and recipe apps in the app stores than any other category.
Why would someone want a recipe app that contains no recipes?
Recipe Keeper is unlike other recipe apps in that it doesn’t help find recipes across the internet
but allows the user to create their own cookbooks by saving recipes they find online.
Here’s how it works:
While browsing Pinterest you may see a recipe you’d like to try at some point. Rather than
pinning it, you can share the recipe with the Recipe Keeper app. When you do, the entire recipe
is placed in your personal cookbook. If you run across a recipe on a website, just share it to the
Recipe Keeper app. Soon, you’ll have a nice collection of recipes you’ve discovered and want to
If you have a family recipe that was written down on a notecard by your grandmother, you can
save that too by taking a photo.
After you’ve used the app for a while you’ll have dozens or even hundreds of recipes you’ve
either tried or want to try.

Like other cooking apps, each recipe is shown with ingredients and instructions. If a recipe is for
6 servings but you have 11 people coming to dinner, you can adjust the serving sizes, and all of
the ingredients are adjusted as well which takes the guesswork out of making sure a dish can
serve everyone around the table.

Recipe Keeper is an app for iPhone and Android devices. There are also web apps for Chrome
and Windows browsers which make it easy to save recipes on a computer.
The free version is limited to saving a certain number of recipes but a premium version is just
$13 with no monthly subscription.
To check out the app click here.