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Whether you’re calling 9-1-1, ordering a pizza or calling for an uber, your location is the most important thing you need to share.

It’s getting easier and more precise thanks to apple and an innovative company out of the united kingdom. Three words could mean the difference between life and death.

I’ll just bet one of the apps on the first page of most smartphones is a maps app. Whether it’s from Google, Apple or Waze (which is also Google), you’re using a GPS location app to get directions and share your location with other people.

Apple’s Maps app may have been the first, but it wasn’t very good when first launched. Google’s Map app was released and became everyone’s favorite for its accurate directions and integration with Street View and Google Earth. Now, Apple is finally getting closer to catching up with Google Maps.

Last week I spotted an unusual looking white SUV with a giant pole come out of the roof with three spinning cylinders. It wasn’t a Google Street View camera, this one had the web address www.maps.apple.com on the side.

“Apple maps, is this new?,” I asked the woman getting out of the passenger seat. “Yes, it is new,” she said. “It really hasn’t started the way they’re planning to do it.”

Apple has deployed a fleet of vehicles to improve its Maps app. The vehicle I spotted was equipped with multiple 360-degree cameras, LiDAR sensors and other technologies to capture data from every road in the world. The drivers couldn’t talk to me on camera but say they cover about 400 detailed miles a day.

Apple has kept mum on all of its plans for Maps, but judging by how these vehicles are rigged, Apple is working on its own “Street View” of the world.

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