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There’s nothing quite seeing a child’s face on Christmas morning. They open the toys of course, but later they’ll look with wonder at an empty plate with cookie crumbs and a half-empty glass of milk. “Santa Claus! He was here!”

I remember those days with my own children. As kids get older some of that Christmas magic begins to wane as they begin to doubt that St. Nick actually stopped by their house. An app called “Catch Santa” might be able to keep that magic alive for a few more years.
“Catch Santa” uses your smartphone camera to capture a photo of Santa in your living room.

Take a snapshot of the room then choose a photo of Santa in the app. There are photos of Santa looking surprised, dancing, unloading gifts and one that looks as though he’s taking a nap.

You can adjust the scale of the photo to match the photo and after just a tiny bit of tinkering, it’ll look to anyone like Santa was there.

Once the photo has been created you can save it to your camera roll, send it by email or share it on social media. The app is free for iPhones and Android devices. There are about a dozen photos of Santa to choose from for free, the app also has other photos you can use for 99-cents each.

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