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There’s no excuse these days for capturing photos or videos of the kids. Everyone has a smartphone camera in their pocket. If you’re a parent you’ve probably looked at video you’ve recorded and been disappointed at how shaky it is. Here is one gadget that’s supposed to make your videos look more professional.

If you’re going to go to Disney World you’re going to take pictures and you’re going to record video. And you want that video to be smooth. This is the Smove stabilizer, we’re going to pop our smartphone in here and see how well it works.

The Smove, is one of over a dozen smartphone stabilizers to help shoot smooth videos with a smartphone camera.

Mount the phone using spring clips. This latest Smove model extends an extra foot so video bloggers and Instagramers can get the shot they want.

Once the phone is in place, turn on the stabilizer and get to work. You can pan, tilt and even zoom without touching the camera, just by using the buttons on the handgrip.

The Smove comes with an app that adds features such as face follow, programmable motion time lapse and auto panorama.

If I’d tried shooting this performance at Disney without a stablizer and without the extension stick

I’d have gotten only the backs of people’s heads.

It isn’t all great. Large phones like an iPhone Plus barely fit if they’re in a case. And I wouldn’t put my expensive smartphone in anything without a case.

Sometimes the Smove lost the bluetooth connection and sometimes I didn’t get it balanced quite right ahead of time. I had to shut it down and start over.

But I found when I took the time to get it set up correctly, the Smove did what it claimed to do. with so many people YoutTubing and vlogging, a steady cam is necessary and the smove certainly holds its own with all the rest.

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