As more and more people get back down to business in the office or traveling, there are a lot more tech gadgets available now to help get stuff done more efficiently. They also make great gifts for the businessman or businesswoman on your gift list.

Here are a few of the favorites I’ve tested personally:

Who uses paper business cards these days? We all hate them. But if you need to share your contact information with a potential client, it can be a bit of a hassle.

I’ve watched people, time and again, hunched over their phones to either tap in names and numbers, or text someone their contact information. It works, but how about something that’ll impress a potential client?

Digital business cards like the Linq are a 21st-century solution. The cards look like credit cards and are NFC enabled.

You enter whatever contact information you want to share ahead of time on the Linq website. That information is then stored, sort of, on the card.

Instead of handing them a card, just ask them to tap their phone to the Linq card, and all of that information gets added to their contacts list automatically.

Actually, it’s more than just contact information and looks a little like a LinkedIn profile page. You can add links to your social media channels and website. Some Linq devices can be set up to accept payments.

There are Linq cards, buttons for smartphone cases and wristbands so you’re never without your calling card. The cards are $12. Using them is free, but you can also subscribe for additional features.

For traveling, one of my favorites is a tech vest.

The SCOTTeVEST has over a dozen pockets sized for all of your devices. Pockets for phones, tablets, headphones, wallets and passports.

I once loaded everything that I normally keep in a messenger bag into the pockets of a SCOTTeVEST. At some airport security check-ins, you won’t even have to empty all of those pockets, just toss it in the scanning bin.

The SCTOTTeVEST’s are priced from $100.

Earbuds are fine, but for long airplane trips, over-the-ear headphones are more comfortable.

Bose Noise-canceling headphones are great but over $300. The Soundcore Q30 does a fine job blocking out noise for $60.

Soundcore says the battery lasts for up to 40-hours of playing time, though I haven’t checked that for accuracy. I can say the battery lasts a very very long time, as I’ve used them for days before needing to plug them in.

There’s also a wire if you don’t want to go wireless. There are 3 noise cancellation modes for when you want to be able to hear some of the background noise. On an airplane in full NFC mode, I hear almost only the music.

The Q30 headphones are $60. Soundcore’s Q35 has even better noise cancellation for around $100.

I have seen both sets of headphones on sale during the holidays.

Also good for travelers: a portable battery charger that doesn’t require a cable.

There are a few to choose from, I picked up the iOttie portable wireless power bank a few months ago.

To use it, just place the smartphone on top of the power bank. No need to plug anything in. It charges a
phone up to 3 times before it needs charging itself.

The iOttie power bank is $40.

The products and brands I’ve mentioned are just the ones I have personally tested. Other brands offer similar products, so you can shop around for the best deals.

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