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If you find that Facebook gets you down sometimes, it might be time to go all Marie Kondo on your account. Toss out things that don’t bring you joy, as the host of Netflix’s “Tidying Up” show says.

Getting Facebook organized and getting rid of a few things (or people) may make the social network much more enjoyable.

Start with your Facebook friends. Some aren’t friends, some aren’t even acquaintances.

You’ve likely accepted a friend request, maybe because you see some of your friends are friends with them.

This can be an issue if some of those friends are fakes and may try to trick you into clicking on something.

If you see someone on your friends’ list you don’t know in real life, it might be a good idea to de-friend or block them.

Did you know that even if you don’t accept someone’s friend request, they can still follow you and see what you post? Look at the tab marked followers, you should see it on your homepage. Or you may need to click around a few places near the “Friends” tab. Facebook sometimes makes it difficult to find followers. You won’t know a lot of them, and some are probably fakes it’s kinda creepy. It isn’t easy managing your followers. You can block the suspicious profiles, but you’ll have to do it one at a time.

If you want to manage who can follow you or see your posts, you’ll need to go to settings and the tab “Public Posts”. It’s set to “public” by default. You can change that to friends only.

And remember, anything you post publicly can be seen by anybody, even people who aren’t on Facebook. So make sure when you post something that it’s posted to the correct group. A post with the globe icon in the upper right corner means it’s visible to anyone.

Now’s a good time to tidy up the apps and websites with access to your Facebook profile. Under privacy click “apps and websites”. You’ll see any website or app you’ve given permission to view your Facebook account. You did this when you either signed up for their site or downloaded their app. If you see one you don’t recognize or for an app or website you don’t visit anymore, you can delete them.

Be aware though that if you remove access for these apps and websites, you may be deleting your account there. It won’t affect your Facebook experience.

Of course, if one of your friends really irritates you with their Facebook posts or comments you’ll find some joy by de-friending or blocking them. De-friending means you won’t see their posts but they can still post a comment to your Facebook post that are posted publicly. If you never want to see them again, you can block them. They won’t be able to even send you a friend request.

If you’re not quite ready to be that extreme, you could take a break. A recent study shows that taking a break from Facebook will make you feel better. So will tidying it up a bit.

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