Yeah, not everyone likes high-tech, gadgets, and other apps on their smartphone. That doesn’t
necessarily mean they would be opposed to a low-tech Christmas gift this year. There are plenty
to choose from. Camera bags, phone cases, car chargers, and tumblers that magically keep hot
things hot and cold things cold for hours on end.

Then there are low-tech gadgets (can you really call them gadgets?) they can use daily.

Here are some of my favorite low-tech gift ideas that all cost under $20:

Desktop whiteboard. If someone on your list can’t go a few hours without jotting down notes on
Post-it notes, these whiteboards are perfect for keeping information at hand and cutting down on waste.

They’re about the size of a keyboard so they fit nicely in front of the computer monitor and
come in black and white and include a whiteboard marker. Take a quick note, phone number, or
name, and when you no longer need it or transfer it to somewhere permanent, just wipe it away.

An added bonus is hidden drawers to keep flash drives, SD cards, or other small items always
in the way on your desk.

Rocketbook erasable notebooks, day planners, and scribble pads. The Rocketbook is a real
paper notebook that uses erasable pens. After taking down the notes or whole pages of ideas
and brain dumps, you can simply wipe away with a damp cloth leaving an empty page you can
use again. But it goes a step beyond, a smartphone app allows you to scan your notes and save
them in a cloud storage you use. Scan the page and send it immediately to a folder in Evernote,
Google Docs, and/or One Note. You can also email or text the entire page to yourself or
someone else.

Remember mouse pads? They lost favor when rollerball mice became obsolete. People are
now in love with leather desktop mats instead. These desk pads are much larger than mouse
pads. They dress up the desk and protect it from scratches and they make it easier for the
mouse to move across the desktop screen flawlessly.

If you’ve been using an optical mouse on a wooden desktop you know sometimes the cursor
stops moving smoothly. The mouse goes where you want it to go on a leather desktop pad.
These are available in different styles and colors to match your desktop and screensaver or just
in your favorite color.

If they spend much time sitting at a desk and in front of a computer, any (or all) of these low-tech gadgets make great holiday gifts without spending too much.