Did you know there are still nearly 100 million landline phone subscribers in the United States? The number is in a steep decline as people choose to drop their service and just use their smartphones at home. Yet there are millions of people across the country who have some of those old push-button or rotary dial phones just gathering dust.

There is a way to give those old phones new life while adding a little nostalgia to your home.

Gadgets such as the Cell2Jack are a fairly simple way to turn those old phones into cell phones.

About the size of a deck of playing cards, the Cell2Jack must be plugged into a wall and the old phone using its phone connection cable.

Once the phone is connected, you connect the cellphone to the Cell2Jack Bluetooth transmitter. Connect the old phone by pressing ##*##

Pretty simple. Now when someone calls your cellphone number, the throwback phone will ring. If it’s a very old phone, you’ll hear an actual bell ringing!

You can place calls with the old phone as well and you’ll even hear a dial tone.

The problem with using an older rotary dial phone is that there’s no hashtag or pound button. You can still connect to the Cell2Jack by hitting the “hook” two times which sends the same signal as the pound sign.

Really old phones without a Cat5 cable connection will not work with the Cell2Jack. Phones that are connected to copper wires for power will also not work.

If you want to ditch your landline phone but still want to talk on multiple handsets, Cell2Jack is a solution.

You can even use the old phone away from home. In the car, or in a park. Imagine the looks you’ll get.

The Cell2Jack is around $40 and you can find it online.